Think outside of the job when deciding on branded workwear

Trends in promotional marketing show that thinking about your staff can be a key tool in promoting your brand. Traditional employee uniforms help maintain consistency of your brand, but are often not worn by employees anywhere but work. What about outside of the workplace, where your potential customers could be? Spending money on custom-made clothing which isn’t seen outside of your office or factory could be a missed opportunity. Here we consider options to get your branding seen.

Useful and practical workwear

Giving your employees branded workwear and accessories that is more than just a polo shirt may encourage them to wear their items outside of work. Quality items can double up for use in daily life, and with this in mind, warmer, more practical clothing is essential as winter is just around the corner. Think about lifestyle and season as well as work practicalities when considering your next workwear order.

Promoting fitness and well-being

Many of your staff may be active outside of work, so providing them with workwear which can double as activewear could be a good call. Branded arm straps with touchscreens for mobile phones are great for joggers and gym users. Our Cotton Barrel Duffel bag is large, stylish and can be screen-printed with your company logo and even a unique graphic. Perfect for a fitness class, these custom-made bags can transition from work to leisure with ease. Your staff have useful items which fit in with their lifestyle and your brand is out there being seen by the public.

Keeping warm

As the weather changes, staff working outdoors or in warehousing may require warmer branded clothing. Think about quality and style as well as practicality. Often workwear can end up feeling impersonal to the wearer. Look at jackets that are both stylish and functional. A Tremblant Knit Jacket can be screen-printed with a subtle logo and looks good with its lightweight, efficient material. These styles are seen on the high street so why not let your staff look and feel good? It’ll reflect well on your company to the wider world. Another current style is the softshell jacket, which can be worn on the commute to work and while out and about meeting clients.

Quality basics

Essential workwear like branded t-shirts can also be given a unique spin. Opt for quality materials like cool-fit, which can be found in our Whistler long-sleeve t-shirt For something with a contemporary look, baseball style t-shirts work well and are easy to customise with your brand.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce, so spend some time considering what your staff need and how workwear could fit into their lives both inside and outside of the workplace.

Getting your brand seen in new environments is well worth the investment.



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