The Value of Calendars and Diaries as Corporate Gifts

calendarPaper products are often overlooked as corporate gifts—many business owners assume that goods like calendars and diaries have lost their value in the digital age. But statistics show that these products are still a powerful tool to promote your business.

Even with the convenience of advanced technology, many of us still rely on analog products to schedule appointments or remember important dates. A recent University College London (UCL) study showed that 75% of professionals surveyed continue to use a paper diary to manage their appointments.

Promotional calendars and diaries are valuable marketing tools because…

  • They are useful. It is rare that a person will genuinely appreciate being advertised to, but the gift of a calendar or planner is something that will prove handy for a long time, making them more likely to hold on to it.
  • pp-pk49-calendar-pen-potThey make great seasonal gifts, especially at the end of the year. If a customer has started a New Year’s resolution, you have given them the perfect tool to get a jump start on it.  However diaries and calendars are not exclusively seasonal gifts and can be given at any time of year.
  • They will be seen repeatedly. One of the biggest reasons these paper-based organizers are so valuable is because they are used so frequently. Few other corporate gifts will be used on a frequent (even daily) basis, but both diaries and calendars are, by nature, designed to be used on a regular schedule. That means 365 days of your brand being in-view and on the mind of existing and prospective clients.
  • They are highly customizable. You can include text and images that best showcase your brand and your expertise. For example, the monthly calendar picture can feature any image you feel may best represent your business. Whether it’s an abstract, artistic photo that conveys a meaning you would like to represent your company philosophy, or a direct and powerful logo or product series—the choice is yours. You can also include brief monthly tips related to the services or products you offer.
  • pp-pk48f-easel-desk-calendarThey offer the opportunity for promotions year round. Custom branded calendars and diaries are also a subtle way to keep potential clients aware of the daily goings on of your business. Time-sensitive promotions, company facts, and relevant holiday greetings printed within them can help your business stay in the mind during crucial points of the business year.
  • They are inexpensive. The relatively cheap pricing of diaries and calendars yields a high return on investment. It’s one of the most economical ways to advertise throughout the year. A U.S. study from the Advertising Specialty Institute found that the cost per impression of a promotional product is about .005 cents – which pales in comparison to other forms of media like TV, radio, and even the internet.
  • pp-pk04f-full-colour-cd-case-desk-calendarThey are a professional way to showcase your brand. Despite the low price tag for you, your corporate brand will assume a professional appearance in the eyes of recipients. Diaries and calendars are tools for the professionally organized, and recipients will naturally associate your brand with maturity, organization, and longevity.

While digital advertising, pamphlets, and business cards are all transient forms of advertising, your printed brand and message won’t have to compete with other companies to win the attention of future clients. pp-pk42_castelli-desk-diaryInstead of relying on bells and whistles that produce short term responses at best, a calendar or diary can ensure your brand will represent a steady, reliable presence in the recipient’s life.

If you’re ready to order them for your seasonal gift, check out the calendar and diary selection online at Calver Promotional Merchandise. Our family-run company can provide you with a comprehensive variety of high-quality promotional products and corporate gifts, from electronic gadgets to gourmet treats.

If you have any questions about customizing calendars and diaries or need other recommendations for seasonal gifts, please do not hesitate to give us a call or browse our great range of promotional products online.

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