The future of promo products

Technology has advanced hugely in the last few decades, while promotional products seem to have stayed firmly in the twentieth century, clinging resolutely to pens, baseball caps, and dairies as their mainstay. However, as technology advances, the prices come down to surprisingly low levels, making a tech promotional gift a very affordable yet attractive one – good for your business and for your customers. Here are just some of the items that show the future of promo products:

Flash drives

Branded flash drives (also called thumb drives, memory sticks and USB drives, amongst other names) are a great way to keep your name and logo fresh in your customers’ minds. Flash drives are used daily to save invoices, photographs, PowerPoint presentations, essays, letters and other documents that need to be transferred quickly and easily to a different computer or USB-enabled printer. They are also very small, physically, which makes them a useful gift for busy, tech-enabled customers.

Device charger

Device chargers are another useful item – at present, most mobile phones and tablets fall broadly into two categories (Apple and Android) which use lightning connectors and micro-USB respectively. Therefore, it is relatively easy to produce chargers that will be useful to and welcomed by customers who will use them often.

Power bank

For power boosting on the go, the power bank is this season’s must-have tool. For the uninitiated, a power bank is like a super battery. They connect to devices like mobile phones and laptops, giving them a much-needed boost of power until such time as they can be plugged into their regular charger. Power banks are compact and portable and easy to slip into a pocket or handbag. A power bank promotional gift is sure to be gratefully received by a customer and used frequently, and in public, ensuring that your brand’s logo is seen and envied by many!


Headphones are ubiquitous these days, no matter whether they are small ear-buds or the bigger, over-ear style ones. People use their headphones continually: to listen to music, catch up with podcasts, enjoy radio shows, and even to signal an unwillingness to chat with fellow commuters on public transport. This means that putting your company’s logo on the earpieces is an excellent way to get some advertising out in the public domain for free.



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