The 5 Promotional Items People Like the Most

Promotional products are an effective way to get your brand out there – and literally in the hands of consumers.

These items can help you gain exposure, initiate conversations, and remind people what your company is all about. Promotional items can also show your customers that you care, since they can be given as gifts to thank customers, during the holiday season, or just because.

But there are so many options for promotional items. What will your target consumer like best? While no two audiences are exactly alike, you may want to start by looking at this list of the top five promotional items that people report liking the most, according to the PPAI.

pe9295_bluePromotional Writing Tools

40% favour items that can facilitate written communication.

Customers love to receive items that will help them write. Items like notebooks or notepads, pens, pencils, or markers will all make an impact with your clients.

Despite the wide availability of these items, recipients can always find a use for another pen or notebook. Make you promotional writing tool stand out by selecting a high-end variety or a fun, memorable shape, like this Bendy Dude pen.


pp-xh99Promotional Gadgets

46% favour items associated with digital communication.

Remember, customers don’t want just any promotional item, they want something that they will be able to use. Think about functionality instead of something that just looks good.

Customers can find value in items like USB flash drives, headphones, computer mouse pads, and other practical items similar to these because they will be able to use them and use them often. One popular item is a branded Powerbank, particularly useful when customers are on-the-go at tradeshows and conventions.

Branded Bags

46% favour items that help collect or convey things.

ba1425_purpleIn today’s world, consumers are more conscious about the environment and tend to bring their own bags with them to carry items they take from home or items they purchase while out. Tote bags, drawstring bags, backpacks, conference bags, and travel bags are reusable and work for a multitude of purposes. In fact, luggage in particular was among the top items that consumers said would motivate them to take action.

Also, the Department for the Environment in England introduced a new policy in October 2015 that requires all large retailers to charge at least 5p for most single-use carrier bags. The aim is to encourage people to reuse bags, reduce wastage of resources, and reduce litter. It will also likely mean that the popularity of reusable-style bags, such as cotton, jute, and non-woven polypropylene shopper bags, is likely to increase.

The best part about branded promotional bags is that not only are they reaching the individual customer who is using the bag, but your brand is now on display everywhere they go. Promotional bags allow your brand to gain repeated exposure every time they are used. And bags can come in a variety of colours and sizes to fit your brand’s voice and aesthetic.

Branded T-shirts and Jackets

334254950% favour items that can be worn.

If you want to promote your brand, you can’t go wrong with apparel. T-shirts, like bags, come in a variety of colours, and you can easily personalize the shirts with your brand’s logo or artwork. If your company has a unique and appealing design, customers will be begging to wear one.

Jackets, like T-shirts, are also a big hit with customers. While a jacket might be more costly than a T-shirt, your customers will appreciate them for the higher cost in addition to their usefulness and durability. But don’t rule out more unique items like aprons, bodywarmers, scarves, and more.

Branded Food

58% favour items that can be consumed.

pp-mm69_blackFood is always a popular item with people. Add the word free, and customers will come running! Mints, chocolates, drinks, and different types of confectionery are delicious promotional treat options that will reach the heart of your customers. When it comes to food, not only does it taste good, it’s also inexpensive.

However, if you are willing to invest a little more in a food gift hamper, you may have even more sway with customers, because, like luggage, they were among the top items reported as motivating consumers to take action.

You can also use food as a way to make more standard promotional items stand out. For instance, instead of a standard, boring business card, why not hand out a business card-shaped container with mints inside? Or share your brand’s unique selling points in the form of messages inside fortune cookies?

When selecting promotional items for your company, you want to keep the customer in mind and choose items that they will use and find value in. If you need guidance on selecting the best promotional products for your company, contact us here at Calver. We’re here to help!

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