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Calver Branding 3D catalgue 2018-19

Calver Branding 2018-19 Catalogue Launch

We are very proud to announce the launch of the new Calver Branding merchandise catalogue for 2018-2019.

With over 500 brand new products and 1100 products overall it won’t take much to discover the promotional products that your business needs to make that lasting impression. 

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2016 Marketing TrendsMaking predictions for a new year can be tricky. We don’t actually know what’s going to happen, but we want to be prepared. So we can’t help but ask, “What’s next?”

By using the trends of 2015, however, we can make some pretty good predictions for 2016. And they all seem to be pointing in the direction of digital and social marketing.

So let’s see…

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Build Your BrandBuilding your brand is always a concern – whether you’re a new company breaking into the market or an established company growing your business.

No matter what your budget, it doesn’t have to constrain your efforts. It’s possible for your brand to make an impression without spending millions of dollars. With a little luck and a lot of creativity, there are many ways a company can make and maintain a name for itself.

Here are some low-cost tips for building your brand that you may not have considered before.

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Promotional products A badge and lanyard reading Trade Show for attendees to wear as a pass to get into a conference, convention or other large event

A trade show is a great opportunity to meet new clients and expand your professional network. But year after year, many companies – especially smaller ones – fail to stand out from the crowd.

Why? Two reasons: smaller budgets and a lack of ingenuity.

Unless you’re a large company with deep pockets, that first problem isn’t likely to be solved anytime soon. Creativity, however, doesn’t cost a dime. And with a bit of outside-the-box thinking, you can make sure your exhibition stand is a memorable experience for everyone who visits it.

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Does Perceived Price Matter for Promotional Products? Cheap or ExpensiveA promotional pen that costs less than a pound or an £82 watch?

This is the type of question business owners face when deciding what type of promotional product to use to market their brand.

When marketing your company, promotional products can be highly effective tools for attracting new clients, increasing brand awareness, and growing your business. But when it comes to choosing the type of product you will use to promote your business, does price—or at the very least, perceived price—matter?

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