Shh! The secret to why promotional products are the best form of advertising!

Just spent a fortune on a massive print advert in a national paper? Plugging hundreds of pounds into Facebook ads, and still nobody knows who you are?

Stop what you’re doing. Right now.

That money you’ve spent on standardised marketing practices has been wasted away. But don’t worry, you’re not the only business to make this mistake. So many erroneously believe that a good advert is the best way to sell their business, but it’s simply not true.

Instead, you really should consider the advantages that promotional products could offer your business. There’s some excellent reasons why branded products are a better option for a company like yours, and we’re here to share that secret.

Consumers love free products

A free promotional product that is hallmarked with your branding is still a free product, and consumers love getting anything free. While your potential customers think you’re giving away something for nothing, what you’re actually doing is pushing your brand right in front of them.

For instance, an individual may take a few of your promotional pens home, thinking they’ve got some free spare pens to use in the office and at work. Imagine now the amount of people that could potentially be exposed to your brand, without having it forced upon them.

Branded products are low-cost

Listen, nobody wants to be spending a fortune on marketing their brand, especially when there is no promise of return on investment (ROI). A lot of companies think splashy billboards and centrefold pieces are the way to get recognised, but this often comes at a very hefty cost.

The price of purchasing a personalised mug with your logo is often a fraction of that advertising price, and because of the practicalities a coffee mug offers over a billboard, it is more likely to be used by your target consumer.

Your brand is always visible

That’s another great reason why personalised promotional products are a better choice over traditional advertising approaches. Consumers are very likely to use a personalised pen or custom-designed coffee mug. These items will be used time and time again, meaning they will constantly see your logo or company motto, even if they aren’t thinking about it.

That brand exposure means that when they need your services, they will be more likely to recall that mug or pen and turn to your business for help. It’s not as likely that a magazine would be kept long enough for a consumer to call back on your details in their hour of need.

Ready to use promotional products to your advantage? Then get in touch with our team today to discuss promotional merchandise including promotional pens, photo mugs, custom-made bags and custom-made clothing.



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