Rewarding employees with branded products

Any good employer knows that rewarding and praising employees for a job well done is a key motivational strategy. Receiving a gift or prize as part of the reward can make an employee feel particularly valued, allowing them to thrive and grow within the company.

Deciding on what to reward workers with, however, can be a tricky task. Offering bottles of champagne or chocolates is a risky strategy, as the recipient could have hidden dietary requirements or simply dislike the taste.

Another option could be to hand out gift cards. However, this necessitates letting the recipient know precisely how much was spent on the reward, which could be seen as a putting a monetary value on their achievements or, if the value is particularly high, could create feelings of jealousy in other employees.

To successfully navigate the tricky world of corporate gifting, employers should consider offering their employees branded products. Indeed, branded products are helping to build a sense of affinity with the company and allowing workers to really feel a part of something. The following examples are just a few of the many items that you could gift your hard-working colleagues.


Glass trophies look chic and expensive and are a great way of making very explicit your gratitude for an employee’s hard work. They are a lasting gift that can sit on someone’s office desk or mantelpiece for years to come, reminding them of their achievements and motivating them throughout the year.

What’s more, trophies can be engraved to your precise requirements so you can gift a number of employees with different kinds of rewards, reminding them of their own individual skills and specialities.

Mugs, stationery and office items

Branded mugs and stationery are an excellent way for colleagues to feel a part of something. Offering them these kinds of items for a job well done provides a lasting reminder of their achievements, and can even come in useful at the office.

As well as offering these types of items as rewards, it could be a good idea to provide new employees with ‘welcome packs’ containing an array of useful branded items. In this way, they can immediately feel a part of the team and get into the spirit of the brand.

High quality pens and writing paper

Beyond the standard ballpoint branded pens that most good companies have at their disposal, gifting an employee with a high quality branded pen, such as Cross, Waterman, and Parker, for example, can be a fantastic way to express your appreciation. These pens tend to be great gifts for those with a penchant for writing by hand, and are particularly beautiful items too.

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