Putting the environment at the heart of merchandising

Recent studies hitting our media are showing the devastating effects of pollution on our world. Images of landfills show the vast amounts of waste that continue to grow every day. And research on the oceans shows the huge negative impact the use of plastic is having on our marine life. It is possible to be conscious of this while choosing different merchandising products to promote your business. Below are just a few ways to market your company using practical eco and recycled merchandise. There is no reason why you can’t promote your business and look after the environment at the same time, and your customers will thank you for it.

1) Eco Bags

Often a plastic bag given in a supermarket ends up in a drawer or in the bin after its first use. Estimates on how long it may take a plastic bag to disintegrate range from around 500-1000 years depending on the material used. Eco bags allow you to market your products and brand image on a sustainable bag, encouraging people to reuse the same bag rather than picking up new plastic bags with every shopping trip, while promoting your business and your green credentials in the process.

2) Flasks, travel mugs and water bottles

A styrofoam cup will never disintegrate and a plastic bottle can take 1000 years to break down. However, by giving away promotional flasks and water bottles you can encourage customers to reuse their item often instead of continuously disposing of cups and bottles. A promotional travel mug or water bottle could replace one hot drink cup or disposable bottle a day. That amounts to 365 bottles and cups in one year not ending up in landfills or polluting the ocean.

3) Use items made from recycled materials

There are many innovative designs that can be used as promotional tools whilst being made from recycled materials. Take the Green and Good Recycled CD case pencil. Available in 13 colours, this merchandising opportunity is definitely unique. Paper is an essential that most people use every day, yet so often ends up in the bin. Recycled paper is another great step forward for the environment, with plenty of space for promotion.

4) Eco lip balm

For something truly different this eco lip balm is a lip-smacking promotional tool with an eco-friendly message. The Green and the Good Lip Balm comes in a recycled pot while still remaining professional. Lip balm is one of those items many people don’t like to leave the house without, and it is used multiple times throughout the day. A great piece of merchandising with an environmentally friendly message.

Using eco-friendly and recycled products in your merchandising is a great way to promote your business whilst looking after both your customers and the environment. You just can’t go wrong!



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