Promotional pens: simple but effective

A huge part of marketing any business is branding. Getting your branding right is essential to ensure your business is recognisable and trusted. Branding can include everything from colours, logos, fonts, images and slogans; all put in place to effectively market your business. Using your branding on promotional merchandise is a great way to keep your company in the minds of your customers. A PPAI study revealed that 58% of customers would keep a promotional product for anywhere between one year to more than four years.

There are so many promotional products to consider, all with their own pros and practicalities. One of the most simple, yet most effective, is pens ( Promotional pens are perfect to be given as a welcome gift, a thank you gift or even a Christmas gift. So, why are they so effective?

Pens are always useful

Despite the ever increasing use of technological devices, people everywhere still use pens in their day to day life. From scribbling shopping lists, notes, work or forms, a pen is always useful. As such, people very rarely throw pens away if they’re still working, meaning your product could stay in their home or workplace for a long time. Though a small and simple gift, people will always be happy to receive a pen and the customer will be reminded of your business every time they use it.

Think about the customer 

Depending on your customer base, you may want to consider different types of pen or writing utensil. If you’re aiming for more brand awareness around children, consider crayons or pencils, highlighters for students, stylus pens for gadget lovers and even fancy pen sets ( for business men and women. There are customisable pens in all shapes and sizes available to be branded and delivered to your customers.

The overall effect

When a business produces branded merchandise it can have a positive impact on the overall image of that company. Automatically, people see you as more credible and professional and their perception of the business increases. Customers become more likely to recommend you to friends and more likely to use your business again in the future.

They’re cost-effective too!

Promotional products, including branded pens, can be a really cost-effective way to market your business. It does not cost a lot to have these products designed and made, and with options to bulk buy large quantities you can reach hundreds of customers with your product at a low cost.

At Calver, we offer high-quality promotional merchandise, with an extensive catalogue to choose from. We pride ourselves in offering an exceptional standard from product quality to efficient delivery. If you’d like to supply promotional pens to your customers, then contact us ( today to see how we can help.



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