Perfect promotional products for 2018

Perfect promotional products for 2018

The New Year is upon us and it’s an exciting time for businesses. A chance to evaluate success, set new goals and thrive for bigger and better things in 2018. The use of promotional products as gifts or merchandise is a marketing method that hasn’t lost its power. Be smart with your branded products this year, by choosing things that are different but highly effective. Here are some fantastic ideas for products that can help boost your brand this year.

1. Branded power banks

We live in a modern age and so we must keep up with it in everything that we do. Power banks ( are increasingly popular among the younger generation but also business men and women who need to stay fully charged! Power banks are small, portable charging stations for electronic devices, perfect for charging phones. They make perfect corporate gifts as they’ll see a lot of use and be taken out and about regularly. PPAI studies suggest that 46% of people prefer promotional items that are associated with digital communication, making power banks top of the list for 2018.

2. Laptop sleeves/cases

Sticking with the theme of the digital age, another great product is branded laptop sleeves or cases ( Perfect for keeping devices safe, dry and easy to carry around, these cases will see frequent use. Eye-catching and practical, these are definitely worth considering for brand awareness.

3. Tote bags

In an attempt to become more environmentally friendly people now make a conscious effort to avoid using plastic bags. The 5p charge has helped make this possible, and more and more people are turning to fabric shopping bags and tote bags ( when grabbing their groceries. Help support this movement by offering branded tote bags as gifts or merchandise. Not only are these bags extremely practical but they’ll be used out and about which is perfect for getting your brand noticed.

4. Sports bottles

More people are taking an interest in health and fitness. For giveaways at sporting events, sports bottles can have a fantastic effect. You could even consider protein shakers ( for those who are really into their training. These gifts will be so appreciated and are a great way to get your brand noticed by the right audience.

5. Selfie sticks

Yes, you read that right! Say what you like about selfie sticks (, there’s no denying their popularity amongst the younger generation. They’re also useful for travellers and tourists who wish to take better photographs. Another amazing product for the digital age.

At Calver, we offer an enormous variety of personalised products suitable for all businesses to market to all kinds of different people. Contact us ( today to see how we can help you make an impact in 2018.

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