How to Get Your Brand to Stand Out at a Trade Show

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A trade show is a great opportunity to meet new clients and expand your professional network. But year after year, many companies – especially smaller ones – fail to stand out from the crowd.

Why? Two reasons: smaller budgets and a lack of ingenuity.

Unless you’re a large company with deep pockets, that first problem isn’t likely to be solved anytime soon. Creativity, however, doesn’t cost a dime. And with a bit of outside-the-box thinking, you can make sure your exhibition stand is a memorable experience for everyone who visits it.

4 Tips to Help Your Brand Stand Out

Create a Strategy Beforehand. Before you ever set foot on the trade show floor, you should have a concrete strategy outlining what you want to get out of the trade show. Sure, you’re there to meet clients and expand your business—but so is everyone else.

Think about your specific goals while developing a plan of attack. Are you there to promote a new product or new service, or are you trying to generate a more general brand awareness?  What’s your target demographic?  How many people do you want to connect with? What types of individuals are you looking to reach?

Asking and answering these questions will help you design your strategy to ensure the best return on your investment. It will also help you figure out what sort of merchandise, exhibition stand design, and personal approach you want to incorporate.

Hone Your “Elevator Pitch.” After walking around all day and talking to countless people, your prospective clients will no doubt be tired—even a little short on patience. In their state of exhaustion, many your prospects aren’t going to be interested in hearing a long-winded description of every single thing your company can do for them.

In this situation, it’s good to have an “elevator pitch”—a short, quick sell that could be delivered over the course of an elevator ride. Again, knowing your demographic beforehand is crucial to understanding the key points that will matter to them.

Create Unique Promo Items. Try to stand out from the pack with unique promotional items. If you’ve been to a trade show, you know the old stand-bys: lanyards, pens, and mini candy bars. Unique branded content can be a big draw and help keep your name in your client’s mind. It’s important, however, that your promotional items don’t get tossed in the trash the next week.

pp-xh91_blackThe most memorable items are the ones with a little creativity behind them that will also still be useful to people. For instance, a Silicone Wristband Flash Drive is a practical gadget that’s also distinctive since you can wear it. Another endlessly useful item that is uncommon as a giveaway is a branded Powerbank to charge cell phones while on the go.

A Stylus Ballpen with a Torchlight also falls into this category. It’s a handy, quality pocket item with an additional benefit: its high perceived value and low actual cost. Or you could customize a MyKit Package specifically for your event, including items like mint sweets, hand wipes, mini pen, pad, and toothbrush that are essential for trade show attendees.

Also, convention floors can get pretty hot—why not provide visitors with a personal Paper Hand Held Fan?  Or take advantage of all that walking around with a branded Pedometer? What about a Travel Neck Pillow for the flight home? Or a Tangle Toy to relieve some of the stress from the trade show?

pp-gc19You can take into account the season, too. For example, great items for this time of year include a Metal Travel Mug and Reusable Hand Warmers.

With a little ingenuity, you can create a sought-after promo item that will bring visitors to your stand in droves. Ideally, you want your branded merchandise to reflect your business in some way. Our store is a great place to begin to get inspired for fun ideas that will stand out on the trade show floor.

The goal is to create a draw to your exhibition stand—you want people asking your visitors, “Wow! Where did you get that?”

Create an Eye-Catching Stand Design. Of course, a great strategy, strong pitch, and unique promo material won’t amount to much if your stand doesn’t catch visitors’ eyes and spark their interest to begin with.

pp-et01fThink back to trade shows you’ve attended in the past. There’s a great deal of visual clutter, with every brand and exhibition stand vying for attention. Because of this, you want to make sure that your signage is clear, simple, easy to understand, and can be read quickly. Our Premium Roller Banner is a great tool to outline key points and display images that help identify your brand.

Also remember to use large print and adequate spacing for letters, logos, and pictures. This keeps your display from looking busy. People are going to be walking by quickly, and they should be able to figure out what your brand is all about without slowing down.

The Calver storefront is a great place to get inspired for your next tradeshow. With thousands of unique products in our store, you’re sure to find the promotional item that fits your brand best.

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