9 Promotional Products to Remind Your Customers about Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time is coming to a close on 25th October this year, offering yet another promotional opportunity for savvy business marketers. How so? Because you can remind your customers, clients, and employees to “fall back” with branded promotional merchandise.

Since everyone has to change their clocks, it’s a great time to get your company name out there on some “time” themed products. Torches and other “light” oriented products can also be useful as the days get shorter and it gets darker earlier. It’s an opportunity to be creative—and stick in the mind of potential clients.

And though Daylight Saving may seem like a relatively short marketing opportunity, it signals the beginning of a much longer one: the start of the cold months. Scarves, gloves, hats and other warm clothing can all be emblazoned with your brand, while keeping clients, customers, and employees appreciative and warm.

At Calver, we offer many great products that work with the theme of Daylight Saving and the colder weather. Here are some of our favourite promotional gift products that are fun and also useful to clients and business associates this time of year.

Credit Card Torch. It might be getting darker, but your customers will always have a high-quality torch in their back pocket with this promotional product. This neat little gadget isn’t only great for an in-person gift—the flat body makes it perfect for a mailing campaign as well. The full colour digital print has ample surface area for your company logo and/or contact information.  It also makes for a unique and memorable business card that really “shines.”  CreditCardTorch
Silicone Watch. An ionic-powered silicone watch makes for a fun time-themed gift that also reminds customers to set their watches back. This watch is a sporty promotional item that can be used while at the gym or out on a jog. The face displays the time, date, and month, while the band provides prime real estate for your company logo.  SiliconeWatch
Silicone Digital Watch. Another model of our silicone watch—this time with a wider band and a spot for your company logo on the face of watch. Every time your clients look at their watch on a run, they’ll think of your business.  SiliconeDigitalWatch
Touch Screen Gloves. It’s not just getting darker; it’s also getting colder. Anyone who has owned a pair of touch screen gloves knows how handy they can be in cold weather.  Touch Screen Gloves
Roll Down Beanie. Yet another great way to keep your clients and employees warm as the weather gets colder. This roll down beanie can feature your company logo embroidered onto the fabric.  Roll Down Beanie Hat
Livorno Weather Clock. This is a promo gift that fits the changing seasons perfectly—a desktop clock that measures the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit , as well as displaying the day of the week, the date, and the time. It also comes equipped with an alarm function, and batteries are included!  Desk Weather Clock
Outdoor Fleece Jacket. A classic promotional item for companies. Colder weather won’t be a problem for your clients in their warm fleece jacket, available in 6 different colours. The advantage of branded outerwear is double—it’s seen by both the client and everyone they meet.  OutdoorFleece
Zip Hooded Sweatshirt. If you’re located somewhere with mild cold seasons, this light zip-up hoodie may be a better promo item for you. Available in ten different colours, the soft cotton sweatshirt can be customized for your particular branding image. It’s also great for companies marketing to younger demographics.  ZipHooded
Reflective Vest. Cycling to work is growing in popularity, but it can get more dangerous as daylight diminishes. Show customers and clients that you care about their safety with branded safety vests. This is a perfect promo giveaway for a community outreach event. The high-visibility vest comes in orange and yellow, with two horizontal reflective stripes.  ReflectiveVest

Be sure not to miss this opportunity for promoting your brand. Daylight saving and the start of the colder weather offers a unique chance to get your name in the minds of customers at a time when much of your competition will be “sleeping in.”

Contact us today for fun and original marketing gadgets and technology, as well as classic promotional tools like pens, calendars, clothing, mugs, and more. There are thousands of products to browse and purchase from our online selection. With over two decades of experience, Calver offers gifts for your clients, customers, and employees at any time of year and for any occasion.

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