5 examples of exciting personalised promotional gadgets

When it comes to trade shows and exhibitions, giving away promo products is a great way to help potential customers remember you once an event is over. However, with so many others doing a similar thing, you will need to find a way to help your brand stand out, which means providing personalised products that really excite people. Gadgets and technology are a great way to do this as they play a key part in the heavy use of technology we see in modern society. In particular, good quality gadgets can have a far higher perceived value and get used more often, therefore having a larger impact. Here are 5 such products for you to consider.


1. USBs

USB products, such as multi-chargers, multi-adaptor charging cables and car chargers’, are a particularly useful tool for people in their day-to-day lives, especially if they are a student. Good quality USB products will not only be useful but also get across that your brand is of high quality and cares about providing value.

2. Powerbanks

With a growing reliance on digital technology, like phones, during all hours of the day, there needs to be a way to keep them charged and functioning. Powerbanks have proved an incredibly popular gadget in recent years, and something that people can always use another of.

3. Speakers

Again, speakers, including bluetooth speakers, are a very attractive promotional product if you are aiming at the educational sector, in particular students. However, in the summer months, portable speakers are now being used by families when outside relaxing, so are applicable to a wide audience.

4. Selfie sticks

Though the trend for selfie sticks picked up more than a year ago, they are still a very popular purchase and are seen in major destinations all around the world. Beyond marketing this product to the person receiving it, this will mean your brand is exposed to people globally.

5. Headphones

The fact of the matter is that headphones are used by almost everyone and are always in high demand. A good quality set of headphones will be held as a fantastic promotional gift and used time and time again.

If you think that any of the above products could be the perfect way to help promote your brand, then click on the relevant link and get a better understanding of the product. There are variations of each product listed above, which can be adapted to cater to all audiences and budgets. To discuss an upcoming event, and to get some ideas on other branded products you could use, get in contact today. Our experienced team have an in-depth knowledge of the best promotional products available and can help advise on a great strategy based on your audience.


Pink USB cable for smartphone by wuestenigel licensed under Creative commons 4



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