5 branded products that are perfect for summer

Summer is finally on its way and it has been a long time coming! For many businesses, the winter season is the perfect time to use promotional products to market their brand. Christmas makes an excellent excuse for giveaways, free gifts and present shopping. However, the summer season is just as important, putting everyone in a sunny mood as they prepare for holidays, family BBQs and days out. With summer on the way, it is time to get your promo products up to date. See below for five amazing products that are perfect to give your company a marketing boost this summer.

1. Baseball caps

Summer season is the perfect time to bring out a range of branded baseball caps. Perfect for adults and children alike to keep the sun off their faces, these caps are a go-to summer accessory. Easily branded with a range of colours plus space for logos and text, you’re sure to get noticed with these.

2. Sunglasses

When it comes to summer fashion, caps are just the beginning! With the sun shining, people reach for their sunglasses too. Branded sunglasses are a completely unique option, as well as being really practical. There are various shapes and styles, meaning you can choose a design that suits your business and its customers.

3. Frisbees

It is all fun and games when summer rolls around, and so games and toys make the perfect promotional product, for all ages. A particular favourite is frisbees, a timeless toy that has entertained for generations. This firm favourite makes its way to beaches, parks and picnics and if it features your branding then you’re sure to reach plenty of people.

4. Passport covers

For those jetting off on their holidays, it is important to have a passport cover. They are a great promotional product as they are practical and extremely useful. They came in an array of materials, textures and colours so that you can be sure to make an impact and keep in your customer’s minds even while they are away.

5. Water bottles

Water bottles are a really affordable marketing product, making them a strong contender for businesses even if they’re on a budget. They can be handed out at trade shows, festivals and events and are always well received especially during the hotter months. Summer warmth means that many people are more likely to carry water with them, so this product can make a fantastic impact and guarantees plenty of use.

If you’re looking for promotional merchandise that really shines this summer, then contact Calver today. We have an extensive range of products on offer so that you can be sure to find the best option for your business.



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