4 benefits of branded workwear

4 benefits of branded workwear

Creating a unique and personalised look for your employees has never been easier. You might be wondering whether it’s worth it over the run of the mill, plain shirts and black trousers, though. There are so many benefits to sourcing branded workwear or uniforms, you could be missing out by leaving your staff in generic, unidentifiable gear. So, no matter what industry or roles your employees undertake, here are 4 benefits of utilising branded workwear in your organisation.

1. Free advertising

Branded clothing allows you to place your company’s name and logo on your staff all the time, without any advertising costs. Employees wearing your logo increase its visibility and help generate interest for your company. When an employee is shopping after work, for example, your logo will become present in other shoppers’ minds, without them even realising it. This creates more leads and more business – all for free.
2. Improves employee behaviour

Studies have found that employee behaviour improves while wearing their company’s logo. Employees are much more aware of their behaviour when you have entrusted them to represent your company, even when they’re not at work. Anytime they wear that logo, they know they’re symbolising the company brand. They’re no longer an anonymous, generic blur, instead, they’re brandishing the name of your company and priding themselves on representing who they work for. There’s also an argument that by giving staff a sense of shared identity, they work better as a team which increases solidarity and a feeling of community.

3. Creates a brand customers can recognise

Picture Royal Mail, Apple or even McDonald’s employees and you’ll be able to imagine those crisp red shirts or those casual, blue t-shirts worn by the Apple geniuses. Having a branded uniform will do the same for your company, too. It easily creates an image for your business, which is tough to do through other methods. Customers will be able to recognise your organisation’s brand through your uniforms. It boosts your brand brilliantly while establishing an image for your business.

4. Creates customer trust

Customers find it easier to build rapport and trust with employees who wear branded uniforms. Customers are more likely to respect and trust a member of staff when they see the logo or name of the company written right there on their workwear. Customers will also be able to relate the good customer service they received to your company, subconsciously. This makes it easier to create a quality customer image for your organisation.

There you have just 4 of the benefits your company can receive from branded workwear. Choosing branded options over bog-standard, basic workwear is the smart choice for your company’s image. Get in touch with Calver today to begin reaping all these benefits and more.



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