Month: September 2015

calendarPaper products are often overlooked as corporate gifts—many business owners assume that goods like calendars and diaries have lost their value in the digital age. But statistics show that these products are still a powerful tool to promote your business.

Even with the convenience of advanced technology, many of us still rely on analog products to schedule appointments or remember important dates. A recent University College London (UCL) study showed that 75% of professionals surveyed continue to use a paper diary to manage their appointments.

Promotional calendars and diaries are valuable marketing tools because…

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To celebrate 200 years of promotional products, the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) is leading the third annual Promotional Products Week from September 14 to 18. The purpose of the week is to help educate businesses about the benefits of promotional products and the many ways these products can boost brand awareness.

As long time suppliers of promotional merchandise, the team at Calver wants to join in the celebration by spreading the word about the effectiveness of these unique marketing tools. In honour of PPW, we’ve compiled a list of powerful stats that highlight how promotional merchandise can help your business make an impact.

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The Pantone system is primarily a colour matching system for lithographic printers, printing onto white paper. For printing systems and substrates outside of this the Pantone standard should be regarded as a guide only.
In the business gift industry products are normally personalised using screen process printing or tampo (pad) printing using non lithographic inks, usually onto materials other than white paper. How then, can you determine how accurate a requested colour match will be on a coloured substrate?

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prodir ds2 ballpen
Prodir DS2 Retractable Ballpen

Not only are they superbly crafted and repeatedly awarded international designer prizes: the writing instruments produced by the Swiss quality brand Prodir also fulfil the criteria demanded by the ecological and socially-responsible. They stand for a new generation of green products that no longer has anything in common with knitted jumpers and grey recycled paper. They represent the coming together of what belongs together: a high appeal factor for buyers and users in terms of design and quality, as well as comprehensive sustainability.

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