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10 Surprising Facts about Promotional Products


You know that promotional products are excellent and effective marketing and branding tools. But have you ever tried to specifically quantify how effective your promotional items really are? If not, continue reading to learn 10 surprising facts about promotional products that prove you can’t go wrong using them to marketing your business.

  1. Only one in five people will throw away an unwanted promotional item.[i]If only one in five people throw away an unwanted promotional item, it means that four of those five people will keep it. And those are great odds! With 80% of people keeping a promotional item, you’re making an impression on the vast majority of consumers who get the item.
  1. 36% of consumers give away promotional products they don’t want to keep instead of throwing them away.[ii]Even if you give a promotional product to someone who doesn’t want or need that item, over a third of those people will give it to someone else. So instead of simply tossing the item, which doesn’t allow you to gain exposure or customers, people promote your brand to their family and friends simply by passing a promotional product along.
  1. ba1425_purpleWith nearly 6,000 impressions, bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product in the United States.[iii]Why do customers love promotional bags so much? Because they can use them for a variety of reasons. Not only are reusable bags environmentally friendly, they can carry someone’s groceries, lunch, school and work supplies and, really, just about anything under the sun. On top of that, when a customer uses your bag, you’re gaining mass exposure since countless other potential new customers will see it when they are out and about.
  1. Bags and writing tools tie for the lowest cost per impression at one-tenth of a cent.[iv]Want to get the most bang for your buck? Go with bags or some kind of promotional pen or pencil. Not only are they relatively low-cost in general, they generate more impressions for less. Everyone always needs something to write with or something to carry their stuff, and a branded bag or pen can get the job done.
  1. 48% of consumers would like to receive promotional items more frequently.[v]This is a good sign that you need to hand out more promotional items. With nearly half of consumers wanting more, it also provides your business with more opportunities to establish your brand with new customers.
  1. Calver_Kitchen_11237200_black91% of consumers have at least one promotional product in their kitchen.[vi]The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. And offering your consumers something they can use in the kitchen is rewarding because 1) you’re providing them with something functional, and 2) you’re allowing them to remember your company’s name every time they use a magnet on their fridge, open a bottle, take a drink, or do a number of other kitchen tasks.
  1. After receiving a promotional product, 85% of people do business with the advertiser.[vii]The goal of handing out a promotional item is to gain exposure and find new customers. With 85% of promotional product recipients going on to do business with the advertiser, you know promotional product advertising really works.
  1. 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they’d received in the last two years.[viii]Promotional products make such an impression on recipients that they can remember your brand for two years. So by handing out one single promotional product, you’re making a long-lasting impression.
  1. ker-ker-camb_porcelain-white57% of consumers were able to recall the advertiser on a mug, versus 32% of radio listeners and 28% of TV watchers.[ix]Yes, you read that right: advertising on a promotional coffee mug is more effective than advertising on radio or television. By choosing a functional item that your customers can use on a regular basis, your customers will be more likely to remember and do business with your brand. And promotional products are more affordable than radio or television spots.
  1. Adding a promotional product to the media mix increases the effectiveness of other media by up to 44%.[x]When it comes to marketing, you need to have a well-rounded strategy that includes various media – social media, video, print, email, television, radio, and more – so you can reach the most consumers. However, by adding a promotional product on top of your current marketing tactics, you will increase how effective your efforts are.

These 10 facts clearly illustrate the power of the promotional product. So regardless of how you’re already advertising and marketing your brand, consider adding a promotional item or two to increase your customer base and make a lasting impression.


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