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Your Guide to Using Promotional Products for Education

Promotional Products for EducationAdding your logo to promotional products can be a powerful way to spread the word about your school and boost the morale of your students and staff. Even better – most schools already have all kinds of built-in events and situations that seem practically designed to encourage you to give away promotional products.

Just a few of the occasions and events you may wish to have promotional products for include:

Back-to-School. Start the school year off on a positive note. Help your students take diligent notes with notepads and notebooks for the upcoming school year. Printer paper can also be ordered with your school’s logo as a watermark. You can buy these supplies in bulk, so it won’t put a huge dent in your budget.

Staff Appreciation. Show your staff you recognize their hard work with gifts at meetings and on staff appreciation days. Mugs and tumblers are a great way to say thank you – and they will remind your staff why they do what they do as they get their caffeine jolt every morning!

PaperUniversity Visits and School Fairs. Give potential students a reason to love your school or university with two simple words: free stuff! A table or booth with free pens, key rings, or sunglasses will attract students and families to your table and give them a fun way to remember your school.

Competitons. Make a name for your school wherever your students take you! Customize a banner for sports teams, music groups, and other extracurricular activities to display when they travel or compete.

Parent Association Meetings. What better time to get parents to show pride in their child’s school than at a Parent association meeting? Hand out promotional items as parents enter or leave, have them already sitting on chairs, or have some kind of contest or raffle. Speaking of which…

due-coa2Contests and Raffles. Use giveaway contests to spread the word about student services and facilities on campus. For example, every student who signs up for a library card is entered into a raffle to win a free Bluetooth speaker with your school’s logo! Your students will enjoy getting involved on campus and learning about what your school has to offer.

Student Orientation. Give your students all the tools they need for success in their first year. Pack a drawstring bag with flash drives, writing utensils, desk organizers, and other university must-haves, along with the required university documentation.

Spirit Days. Get your students excited for big school events with a spirit week! Each day of spirit week has a new “costume” idea: pyjama day, crazy hat day, etc. Throughout the week, give out spirited T-shirts with your school’s logo, and end the week with a school spirit day. Encourage students and staff to wear the t-shirts, sports uniforms, and colours that represent your school.

qb4001_blackFundraising. Sell personalised items for a school-wide fundraiser. You can use leftover merchandise from contests, raffles, and gift bags, or order comfortable, high quality jackets and pullovers. Your students can get involved selling the merchandise and fund exciting programs and events for the future.

Graduation. Congratulate your new alumni with gifts for their next steps in life. Provide document bags for students joining the workforce, laptop bags for students pursuing higher education, or backpacks for students taking their time off to travel.

Our promotional products can put your school’s name on items your students, staff, and administrators will love. We specialise in custom manufacturing products for a variety of educational purposes:

  • High specification bags and cases
  • Printed material, such as student exercise books, notebooks, and folders
  • Components for educational, learning, and testing kits
  • Recognition certificates
  • Awards, badges, and trophies made from wood, metal, and glass

For a full selection of high quality promotional products at competitive prices, visit our website or request a catalogue today.

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6 Things You Need to Know about Imprints on Promotional Products

le7010_blueWhen you order promotional products, you supply us with your company’s logo or artwork and we put that logo on those items. But when it comes to the imprints themselves and imprint areas, you might have questions concerning how to prepare your artwork and how the finished products will look.

In order to help you answer those questions, we have come up with a list of 6 things you need to know about imprints.

  1. Think about the material of the item you want to imprint. You can emblazon your logo on a myriad of promotional products, but it might look different depending on the material of the item you want to imprint as well as the logo itself. Hard, flat surfaces – magnets, notebooks and notepads, key rings, and more – will clearly display your logo. If your design is intricate, those details might get lost on softer, more porous surfaces such as clothing or bags.
  1. Decide if you need full colour or spot colour. How many colours are in your logo or artwork? If your logo has a few colours or a single colour, you might only need spot colour printing. Spot colour printing creates bright, vibrant results, but with a smaller colour range.

    When printing in spot colours, the colours are layered one by one. If there is only one colour to be printed, there will be a single plate, and a single run of the press. If there are two colours, there will be two plates and two runs, and so on.

    You should also know the correct Pantone number – or PMS colour – of the colours in your logo. These should be detailed in your corporate brand guidelines, but if you don’t have access to these, your marketing agency or graphic designer will be able to give you this information. It is best to decide on Pantone colours when designing your logo to make sure that everything you have printed will match.

    If you have many colours or there are graduated tints or tones in your artwork, you might need full colour CMYK printing. CMYK is the industry term for a full colour or 4-colour printing process, and the letters represent Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (K).

  1. ppafbConsider the size of the imprint area. We want your logo to look the best it possibly can on your promotional items.

    Depending on the size of the promotional product you want, the size of the imprint area will vary. But that’s why our website provides you with the dimensions and location of the imprint area. With this information, you can plan accordingly.

    The smaller the imprint area, the less information and detail you will want to include. Decide which details are the most important and only go with those. Even if your imprint area is large, you don’t want to cram in too many elements. You’re trying to get your brand’s message across, and less can be more effective.

  1. You should have editable and vectored artwork. Vectored artwork means that all the details, text, and logos in the graphic are outlined and have smooth edges or curves. With vectored art, your graphic can be resized without losing any image quality. Vectored artwork is usually in the form of an EPS file, which is generally created in industry standard vector artwork software packages such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw.

    Other software packages such as Photoshop, which creates graphics from pixels or square edged boxes called bitmap images, can be used to create a type of vector graphic. However, these graphics may be problematic when resizing or making slight edits.

    Any photos supplied within the artwork need to be a minimum of at least 300dpi. For most printing, we can also use a high resolution, editable PDF file with all text and logos converted to outline.

  1. ky0016The background colour of the promotional product may affect your artwork. Most printers will be able to achieve a good reproduction of most artwork on coloured backgrounds. However, you should confirm your colour requirements before placing an order to avoid any potential problems achieving your desired result. For example, printing a yellow logo on a dark blue pen will require a double print or a white background print in order to make the yellow sufficiently bright.

    It is always best to consult your promotional products specialist or printing company and discuss, or better still, show them your planned artwork. This will save you much time in the long run and ensure the best possible finished products

  1. You can request a virtual or physical sample.It can be difficult to envision how your logo will look on a promotional product, and for that very reason, we offer virtual PDF samples and physical samples. Once you see the product in the flesh, you’ll have a clearer idea of how everything will look in your customer’s hands. From there, you can determine whether the imprint is too busy or too sparse, too big or too small, or just right. 

If you have further questions about imprints, imprint areas, or promotional products in general, call Calver today to see how we can make a difference for your next promotional products campaign.

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Top 7 FAQs about Custom Power Banks

PowerstockPowerbankEveryone needs power. And these days, power on the go is a hot commodity.

Have you ever been out somewhere and seen that your phone was about to die? It can be a disheartening moment because, if you don’t have a plug, your only option is to refrain from using your phone or risk it turning off right when you need it the most.

What if you need it for something important and urgent? What if an emergency happens? What good is a dead phone in these situations?

For these reasons and many others, more and more businesses are considering supplying their consumers with custom power banks to make sure their power needs are always met.

Imagine one of your consumers is going through the above scenario.

Instead of worrying that his or her phone is going to turn off, they reach into their bag or pocket and pull out their custom branded power bank. Relief washes over them as their phone begins to charge. And when they see your logo, they will remember your business for providing something useful, practical, and necessary.

Despite power banks being a convenient gadget, people often have questions about how they work, what they can charge, and how often they can be used. With that in mind, we’ve compiled the top 7 FAQs about custom power banks to give you and your customers some much-needed answers.

  1. What is a power bank?

    A power bank is a mobile lithium battery pack that can be used to charge devices anywhere. They are called “banks” because you can deposit energy into the bank and later withdraw that energy to charge your device. They usually have a 5V/1A or 5V/2A input and output with varying mAh ratings. The mAh rating is used to convey capacity for power flow over time and stands for milliampere-hour.

  1. What devices can be charged with a power bank?

    PowerBankSpeakerMost power banks have at least one USB port, so any device that can be charged via USB cable can use a power bank. Some power banks might be able to charge devices with mini-USB cables as well.

    It’s important, though, to make sure that your device is compatible with the power bank. The output voltage of the power bank should match with the device being charged. If you have a phone with a 1500 mAh battery, a power bank with a 1500 mAh capacity will be able to charge it.

    If the output voltage of the power bank is less than the device being charged, it won’t work. If the output voltage of the power bank is more than the device being charged, it will work, plus you might be able to get several charges out of the power bank.

  1. How can a power bank be charged?

    Usually, a power bank will have a specific input socket for receiving power. This power can come from a USB port on your computer, but it will most likely charge faster when a wall socket adapter is used. Commonly, power banks use a mini or micro-USB socket for charging, and full-sized USB sockets for discharging.

  1. How long does it take a power bank to charge?

    The time it takes to charge a power bank depends on the power bank’s capacity. For example, a 1500 mAh power bank usually takes the same amount of time to charge as your smartphone. Larger banks will take a longer time to become fully charged.

    Most power banks have an indicator to alert you when the bank has reached its capacity. They also tend to have a safety cut-off to avoid overcharging and overheating.

  1. How long does it take a power bank to charge a device?

    AnodePowerChargerIt depends on the battery capacity of the power bank as well as the battery capacity of the device you are charging. Some power banks have quick-charge technology that can charge a device faster than a regular charger. If the power bank doesn’t have this faster charging technology, the device will usually be charged in the same amount of time as a regular charger.

  1. How long will a power bank last?

    This question doesn’t have a single answer. The life of a power bank is dependent on the type of power bank, the quality of the power bank, and the specifications of the power bank. Since power banks aren’t usually used on a daily basis, they tend to last for a long time. A quality power bank might be able to perform 500 or more charge cycles in its lifetime. Smaller, cheaper power banks might have fewer charge cycles, whereas bigger and more expensive power banks could have more.

  1. What types of power banks are there?

    EnergySnapPowerbankThere are three main types of power banks:

  • Universal power banks come in varying sizes, shapes, and configurations for all of your device needs.
  • Solar power banks have photovoltaic panels that can be charged by the sun. Solar charging isn’t the fastest, though, so they may also come with cables.
  • Phone battery cases are another type of power bank where the phone’s case is actually an extra battery or power bank. These can be useful if you only need it for a phone, but they can’t be used on other devices.

Hopefully this answers all of your pressing questions about power banks. If you think a power bank as a promotional product might be right for your business, contact us at Calver to see how we can help you give your customers power on the go.

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Planning May Promotions: Upcoming Holidays and Other Important Dates

bouquet from tulips in glass vase isolated on white may promotions

We’ve all heard the phrase, “April showers bring May flowers” – and for good reason: May is one of the spring months when we tend to see an abundance of colourful, blooming flowers everywhere we turn. And May is often our last chance for milder springtime weather, with the heat of summer just around the corner.

Besides beautiful flowers and weather, May is also filled with a number of holidays, observances, and other important dates that you can emphasize when planning your May promotions. Let’s take a look at what May has in store.

Month-long and Week-long Observances

National Burger Month (U.S.)
National Pet Month (U.K.)
National Smile Month (U.K.)
Skin Cancer Awareness Month (U.S.)
Sun Awareness Week – May 9-16th (U.K.)
London Wine Week – May 23-29 (U.K.)

Calver_BurgerWhile handing out actual hamburgers for National Burger Month may be a bit messy, you can substitute the real thing for these Hamburger Stress Toys. More interested in appealing to those eager to chow down on a real burger to celebrate? No problem! Few things go better with a juicy, delicious burger than a beer, so consider gifting people the Fist Bottle Opener or Half Pint Glass to help them enjoy their ice cold brew.

There are lots of promotional gifts available for lovable pups during National Pet Month. Dogs can’t get enough of this Felt Bone or Rope Frisbee. Or, if you’re more inclined to help out dog owners themselves, you can offer them a branded Dog Lead for when they take their pets out for a walk. They’ll remember who you are multiple times a day.

National Smile Month was created to get people thinking about oral health. Show people you want them to take care of themselves and promote your business at the same time with a Sharon Toothbrush Set or this Dental Floss Keyring.

mob-mo7455_blackFor Skin Cancer Awareness Month or Sun Awareness Week, show your customers that you’re dedicated to protecting their health and their skin by giving them something practical to use. Try these Suntube Lip Balms, which come in SPF 15 for lip balms and SPF 30 for sunscreen lotion. And while they’re out in the sun, you can also provide customers with some stylish shades like these America Sunglasses.

And we can’t forget London Wine Week! Give the connoisseurs something to remember you by with a premium wine set or even just a simple wine stopper.

Holidays and Important Dates

May 1: May Day (U.K.)
May 3: National Teacher Appreciation Day (U.S.)
May 7: Kentucky Derby (U.S.)
May 8: Gourock Highland Games (U.K.)
May 12: International Nurses Day (World)
May 18-19: IP Expo Manchester (U.K.)
May 21: FA Cup Final (U.K.)
May 24-28: RHS Chelsea Flower Show (U.K.)
May 30: Memorial Day (U.S.)mob-mo8765_lime
May 30: Spring Bank Holiday (U.K.)

Whether you’re celebrating the arrival of spring or the fact that you’re getting out of work the next day, May Day is a great time to remind people about your business. Try using promotional products celebrating the warm weather and outdoor activities such as Fold-Up Frisbees, Koozie Picnic Baskets, or Prima Picnic Sets.

On May 3, Americans can show teachers they care by giving them traditional items they can use every day in the classroom such as a Colour Pad or a colourful Sticky-Mate Note 4. Want to go for something a little different? Give teachers a great way to bring their lunch to work with the 6 Compartment Cooler Bag.

HorseFor all the horse lovers out there, give away a Horse Stress Toy on the 7th for the Kentucky Derby watchers to grip while they wait in anticipation of which horse will cross the finish line first.

The International Highland Games actually continue throughout May and June, but the Gourock Games on May 8 mark the beginning of seasonal festivities. Help make customers more comfortable and prepared to enjoy the sports, music, and dancing with Foldable Chairs, Canvas Totes, or Strato Umbrellas.

Don’t forget your favourite nurse on the 12th for International Nurses Day. Honour nurses and all they do by promoting your business with a Pronto First Aid Kit. A Canvas Tote is also a nice choice for nurses to take all of the essentials with them to work.

mob-mo5001_blackTarget businesses looking to increase efficiency through innovations in IT (as well as vendors at the event) by gearing products toward IP Expo.  Nothing says IT like Power Mate Powerbanks, Twister USB Flash Drives, or Flip iPad Mini Cases.

If you’ll be attending the Chelsea Flower Show, why not give consumers something to display their flowers in when they get home with a glass vase. Or go digital with a solar flower.

And finally, when the United States celebrates Memorial Day and honours those who have died while serving in the armed forces, offer customers the opportunity to remember their loved ones with a personalized Finn Photo Frame.

With so many holidays, observances, and important dates throughout the month of May, it can be hard to keep up. But at Calver, we want to make it easier for you to make the most of the month and your promotional opportunities. So call us today to see how we can make a difference for your next promotional products campaign.

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10 Surprising Facts about Promotional Products

Surprising Facts about Promotional Products

You know that promotional products are excellent and effective marketing and branding tools. But have you ever tried to specifically quantify how effective your promotional items really are?

If not, continue reading to learn 10 surprising facts about promotional products that prove you can’t go wrong using them to marketing your business.

  1. Only one in five people will throw away an unwanted promotional item.[i]If only one in five people throw away an unwanted promotional item, it means that four of those five people will keep it. And those are great odds! With 80% of people keeping a promotional item, you’re making an impression on the vast majority of consumers who get the item.
  1. 36% of consumers give away promotional products they don’t want to keep instead of throwing them away.[ii]Even if you give a promotional product to someone who doesn’t want or need that item, over a third of those people will give it to someone else. So instead of simply tossing the item, which doesn’t allow you to gain exposure or customers, people promote your brand to their family and friends simply by passing a promotional product along.
  1. ba1425_purpleWith nearly 6,000 impressions, bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product in the United States.[iii]Why do customers love promotional bags so much? Because they can use them for a variety of reasons. Not only are reusable bags environmentally friendly, they can carry someone’s groceries, lunch, school and work supplies and, really, just about anything under the sun. On top of that, when a customer uses your bag, you’re gaining mass exposure since countless other potential new customers will see it when they are out and about.
  1. Bags and writing tools tie for the lowest cost per impression at one-tenth of a cent.[iv]Want to get the most bang for your buck? Go with bags or some kind of promotional pen or pencil. Not only are they relatively low-cost in general, they generate more impressions for less. Everyone always needs something to write with or something to carry their stuff, and a branded bag or pen can get the job done.
  1. 48% of consumers would like to receive promotional items more frequently.[v]This is a good sign that you need to hand out more promotional items. With nearly half of consumers wanting more, it also provides your business with more opportunities to establish your brand with new customers.
  1. Calver_Kitchen_11237200_black91% of consumers have at least one promotional product in their kitchen.[vi]The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. And offering your consumers something they can use in the kitchen is rewarding because 1) you’re providing them with something functional, and 2) you’re allowing them to remember your company’s name every time they use a magnet on their fridge, open a bottle, take a drink, or do a number of other kitchen tasks.
  1. After receiving a promotional product, 85% of people do business with the advertiser.[vii]The goal of handing out a promotional item is to gain exposure and find new customers. With 85% of promotional product recipients going on to do business with the advertiser, you know promotional product advertising really works.
  1. 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they’d received in the last two years.[viii]Promotional products make such an impression on recipients that they can remember your brand for two years. So by handing out one single promotional product, you’re making a long-lasting impression.
  1. ker-ker-camb_porcelain-white57% of consumers were able to recall the advertiser on a mug, versus 32% of radio listeners and 28% of TV watchers.[ix]Yes, you read that right: advertising on a promotional coffee mug is more effective than advertising on radio or television. By choosing a functional item that your customers can use on a regular basis, your customers will be more likely to remember and do business with your brand. And promotional products are more affordable than radio or television spots.
  1. Adding a promotional product to the media mix increases the effectiveness of other media by up to 44%.[x]When it comes to marketing, you need to have a well-rounded strategy that includes various media – social media, video, print, email, television, radio, and more – so you can reach the most consumers. However, by adding a promotional product on top of your current marketing tactics, you will increase how effective your efforts are.

These 10 facts clearly illustrate the power of the promotional product. So regardless of how you’re already advertising and marketing your brand, consider adding a promotional item or two to increase your customer base and make a lasting impression.

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