Any good employer knows that rewarding and praising employees for a job well done is a key motivational strategy. Receiving a gift or prize as part of the reward can make an employee feel particularly valued, allowing them to thrive and grow within the company.

Deciding on what to reward workers with, however, can be a tricky task. Offering bottles of champagne or chocolates is a risky strategy, as the recipient could have hidden dietary requirements or simply dislike the taste.

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Perfect promotional products for 2018

The New Year is upon us and it’s an exciting time for businesses. A chance to evaluate success, set new goals and thrive for bigger and better things in 2018. The use of promotional products as gifts or merchandise is a marketing method that hasn’t lost its power. Be smart with your branded products this year, by choosing things that are different but highly effective. Here are some fantastic ideas for products that can help boost your brand this year.

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4 benefits of branded workwear

Creating a unique and personalised look for your employees has never been easier. You might be wondering whether it’s worth it over the run of the mill, plain shirts and black trousers, though. There are so many benefits to sourcing branded workwear or uniforms, you could be missing out by leaving your staff in generic, unidentifiable gear. So, no matter what industry or roles your employees undertake, here are 4 benefits of utilising branded workwear in your organisation.

1. Free advertising

Branded clothing allows you to place your company’s name and logo on your staff all the time, without any advertising costs. Employees wearing your logo increase its visibility and help generate interest for your company. When an employee is shopping after work, for example, your logo will become present in other shoppers’ minds, without them even realising it. This creates more leads and more business – all for free.

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Advertising is a competitive business and companies are always looking for effective ways to boost brand awareness and gain new and repeat customers. Gifting branded products is a great way to thank existing customers while also keeping your company fresh in their minds. Choosing a product that is practical and likely to be used frequently is particularly important, as the more they use it the more likely it is that other people will notice your brand too. A universally popular product is bags. Not only are they useful, they also come in various styles to suit your target audience. Here are five examples of the types of bag that your company could brand.

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A huge part of marketing any business is branding. Getting your branding right is essential to ensure your business is recognisable and trusted. Branding can include everything from colours, logos, fonts, images and slogans; all put in place to effectively market your business. Using your branding on promotional merchandise is a great way to keep your company in the minds of your customers. A PPAI study revealed that 58% of customers would keep a promotional product for anywhere between one year to more than four years.

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